An Ensemble Piece for 3 violins and piano with an alternative viola part 

  • What you will receive...

    Your download will contain the score and parts in PDF format, an audio file in MP3 format of a full performance of the piece, and a piano backing track to aid rehearsal and performance. 

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  • About the Piece



    The title of this piece might indicate that the music is simply about an actual ticking clock. And it is. But I wanted it to have a slightly deeper meaning so I've composed a piece that is about the crisis in the environment. It is actually a rather bleak piece of music. Hopefully not too bleak for our performers but rather sad and melancholy nonetheless.

    I don’t want to become political on this website but I’m sure that almost everyone will agree with me when I say that the clock is ticking for our environment. The health of the natural world is at risk. I thought by writing a piece of music then perhaps it might begin a discussion amongst the performers about how they feel about that and what ideas and thoughts they might have to make the world a better place for everyone.




    The piece is in D minor and has a piano part that is an integral part of the piece. The download comes with a piano backing track with a piano intro so that the string players know when to start.

    The piece itself is technically easy. The 3rd violin (and alternative viola part) is basically on the D and G strings, and the other two parts meander around the A and D strings. No one plays on the E string. It has some question and answer-like sections in it but is mostly smooth and steady playing in simple rhythms.