An Ensemble piece for two violins, cello with optional piano


Standard: Easy/Moderate


Running Time: 1 min 15  

  • What you will receive...

    Your download will contain the score and parts in PDF fomat, an audio file in MP3 format of a full performance of the piece, and two piano backing tracks - one at full speed and one that is slower. Both can aid rehearsal and preparation for performance!

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  • About The Piece

    I originally wrote this as a different piece altogether. It was untitled, slower, and had a rather strange glockenspiel part! I rewrote it and speeded it up. This new version is for two violins and cello, with an optional piano part. I had a vision in my mind about what I thought the new piece represented but I decided to ask my son to see what he would come up with. I played it to to him and asked him what he saw in his mind while he was listening. His answer, which he delivered without any hesitation, was ‘a galloping horse’. And that is exactly what I had seen while re-writing it! I saw a young horse galloping and frolicking in the sunshine, carefree and happy. Great minds think alike!



    I have wanted to write some tunes that were faster but I know that even the easiest piece can become a challenge as soon as the tempo increases, but this piece,  depicting a galloping horse, needed a feeling of moving forward. It can be played with or without the piano. The piano part has some added interest in the second section, but it is still optional. If there is no piano then the trio can play it at any speed, even with a live accompanist this is the case. But because it is hard to keep up with a fast, electronic and unmoveable backing track, I’ve created two backing tracks, one at the original speed (120bpm) and one at 110bpm. The slower track could be used also as a practice aid. I couldn’t go any slower than that or the spirit of the piece would be lost.
    I have labelled this piece ‘easy/moderate’. It is EASY because technically the string parts are fairly simple and EASY if the strings play with the slower backing track, or with a live accompanist who
    can fit into the speed that suits the players. But if the strings play at speed with the faster backing track then it might be more suitable for players of MODERATE standard.
    The piece has some pizzicato for the strings in the second part and the full recording includes the