A Trio for 3 violins with alternative viola part 

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  • About the Piece



    This short easy piece is in G major and in triple time. It rises and falls like a carousel of painted horses gently turning, the colourful horses bobbing up and down in time to the happy fairground music.

    This is what I envisaged when I began to compose it.
    It would go very nicely in a performance with ‘The Big Wheel’,  another piece I have written which is available on the website, in triple time also and in contrasting D major.




    This trio is without piano and has an alternative viola part which replaces Violin 3. This 3rd violin part is all open strings, except for 4 bars of a little tune on the A string in the middle. The 2nd violin part is mainly a harmony part and it does require playing fingered notes on the A,D and the G string so it does have its challenges.
    The 1st part has the tune most of the time and this tune is played with stopped notes on the A and D strings, the notes of a simple G Major scale.
    There are a few bars in the middle of the piece where each player, two at a time, has some open string notes played pizzicato.

    I thought it interesting to include some pizzicato, 

    but because it is played on open strings the notes should ring enough to be heard and shouldn’t present any problems.