An Ensemble piece for three Violins, Cello and Piano


Standard: Easy/Moderate


Running Time: 1 min 50



“...the snow blizzard begins with a flurry of flakes, whirling and swirling around. The snow thickens, becoming a blizzard, then dies down again, leaving a carpet of snow on the ground.”

  • What you will receive....

    Your download will contain the score and parts in PDF format and 3 audio files in MP3 format: one full live performance of the piece and two of the piano part. One is at a slow tempo for practice and the other is at full speed to help in rehearsal and also can be used as a backing track in a performance.


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  • About the piece



    I wanted to depict a snow blizzard, beginning with a flurry of flakes that whirl and swirl around. The flakes begin to grow rapidly in number and become more dense, heralding a blizzard that lasts for a few moments. Then the blizzard recedes, dying down to nothing, leaving behind a carpet of snow on the ground.


    In this case I imagine our blizzard has left a top dressing of snow on top of the few inches already laying on the ground, causing sounds to muffle and become deeper.




    Written in D minor, this is an easy piece for beginner strings. The piano part depicts the swirling snow and the piano recording can be used as the piano plays moving quavers for most of the piece.


    All the parts are fairly equal in difficulty, the first violin part being slightly trickier. I have included a viola part that could replace the third violin part.


    The rhythms are very straightforward: crotchets, minims and semi-breves. The strings should concentrate on playing exactly together, playing softly at the start, building in volume and urgency in the middle and then dying away to nothing at the end.