An Ensemble piece for Violin, two Cellos, Woodblock and Piano


Standard: Easy


Running time: 1 min 50


“...a hot thundery Summer's day. Rain starts, one heavy drop at a time, increasing in ferocity until it becomes a drenching downpour. Then as slowly as they started, the drops ease off, and the shower is over.”

  • What you will receive....

    Your download will contain a PDF of the score and parts, and 4 MP3 audio files: a full live recording of the piece, plus a piano and woodblock recording, a separate woodblock recording and a separate piano recording. All of the latter three can be used to aid rehearsal and practice, or they can be used as backing tracks for a performance.


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  • About the piece



    I included a Woodblock in this as it helps to keep the tempo steady, while also helping us imagine those heavy raindrops. And of course it’s fun too!


    ‘Summer Raindrops’ has a couple of tempo shifts in the middle which would make it a challenge to perform with the recorded piano track. It wouldn’t be impossible. If the Woodblock player had fabulous rhythm they could lead the tempo changes and a director or conductor could also help. In this instance, the tempo change is optional. If the strings are playing with a live pianist then that
    would make it much easier to include the tempo changes in the performance.


    With the score and the parts you will receive a full recording of the piece, a recorded piano part, a recorded wood block part and a recording of the piano and wood block together. I felt it was best to cover all scenarios!!




    Written in D major, with an A major section in the middle, the music is not technically difficult. It is mostly quavers which are for the most part short and spiky.


    In bar 24 there is the option of moving to a faster tempo until bar 39. If the players feel that they can cope with this tempo change then that would be fantastic as it would help to depict the excitement of the heavy rainstorm. If the tempo change is too challenging then that is fine. Maybe a slightly quicker tempo can be taken from the start to balance the piece out.