A Piece for String Quartet With Optional Piano Accompaniment


Standard: Easy


Running time 1 minute



  • What you will receive....

    Your download will contain score and parts in PDF format and 2 audio files in MP3 format: one of a full live performance of the piece, and one of the optional piano part which can be used as a backing track for a performance.


    See our How It Works page for more information. 

  • About the Piece

    This short piece in C major evolved from wanting to write something that was very easy technically, hence the name ‘Simplicity’, but that had some depth and maturity. It’s modern sounding with a rather melancholy feel and is something that could played by more advanced players, who I feel could really make something of it.

  • Performance Notes

    I have included an optional piano part with this. If possible it should be played without the piano, but in the event that players are missing or struggling, then the part is there as an option. I have included a recording of the piano part so that players can play along with it.


    There is the possibility of playing the entire cello part on open strings, apart from one stopped note in bar 8. In the viola part, there are only stopped notes on the G string and these occur in only three or four bars. The 2nd violin part is also very simple and the 1st
    violin part consists of notes moving around in the form of scales, one note after the other, up and down.


    The only real difficulty I think in this piece is the timing at the beginning and at the end, where each instrument enters one after another. This could be helped if someone could direct, indicating to each player when they should enter.


    In order to achieve the melancholy feeling, players could think about staying very relaxed and using long, free, straight bows.


    And of course, I feel silly mentioning it but it’s really important that the players’ strings are completely in tune!