For two Violins, solo singer, alt Violin 3 and optional Piano



Standard: Easy



Running time: 2 mins

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    Your download will contain the score and parts in PDF format, an MP3 audio file of a full performance of the piece, and an additional piano MP3 backing track to aid rehearsal and preparation for performance!


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  • About the piece



    “Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht” was composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber to lyrics that had been hurriedly written one Christmas Eve by a young priest, Joseph Mohr. Mohr performed it with the composer in St. Nicholas’s church, Oberndorf, Austria, at the Christmas Eve mass there in 1818.


    Mohr played the guitar and he and Gruber sang together. After that night the tune was passed on to others by people who heard it in the church and it evolved over a long period of time as it moved around Europe. It took many years before the carol became the ‘Silent Night’ carol that we know and love today.




    This is an arrangement for 2 violins with a solo singer singing the tune in the second verse. There is an alternative violin part to replace the singer if needed. It would work best with the piano part, but it also works without. I decided to add a singer to make it more interesting as a performance piece in a concert or carol service. The first verse is violins alone and so this verse could be used as a simple violin duet – still with the optional piano part - and the piece could end before the singer comes in.


    I changed the rhythm of the tune to make it easier for early violin beginners. The most difficult bar is near the end of the melody where the tune is high and crosses from the E string to the A string awkwardly – G natural to C sharp.