An Ensemble piece for two Violins, Cello and Piano


Standard: Easy


Running Time: 2 mins 10

  • What you will receive....

    Your download will contain the score and parts in PDF format and 2 audio files in MP3 format: one of a full performance of the piece and one of just the piano part which can be used to aid rehearsal and as a backing track for a performance.


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  • About the piece



    I had an idea to compose a piece of music that was very quiet and sleepy, simple to play but tuneful. I enjoyed composing and recording this piece. I found it extremely calming, which helped me during this uncertain period of Covid 19.




    This is easy music to play. I would say that beginners of Grades 2-3 should find this well within their technical capabilities.
    Written in D major and in ¾ time, dotted rhythms prevail.


    The tune is first with a solo violin, accompanied by the piano. After the second violin and cello enter, the tune them passes to the cello and is accompanied by harmony in the violins and then falling D major scale quavers in the first violin.


    Although the piece feels slow, it is at a moderate tempo and the piano part is a moving part so there is always something for the strings to latch onto rhythm-wise. The piece could be easily played with the piano recording.