An Ensemble piece for two Violins, Viola and Piano. 


For beginners of Grade 1/2 standard and upwards

Standard: Easy


Running time: 1 min 27

  • What you will receive....

    Your download will contain score and parts in PDF format and 3 audio files in MP3 format: a full live performance of the piece, a slow version of the piano part to aid rehearsal and a full speed version of the piano part which can be used to aid practice and as a backing track for a performance.


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  • About the piece

    I was in my living room looking out over the garden one spring morning and I saw that the garden was full of little birds darting about, from bush to tree, over to the fence, backwards and forwards, taking breaks from their excitement to fill up on the seeds in our bird feeders.


    I thought then of composing a piece to depict this lovely scene. I wrote the piece but struggled to know what to call it. My first thought when I had watched the birds was about how they were ‘flitting’ about but this word didn’t really sound like it could be part of a ‘grown-up’, professional title.


    So I decided to discuss my title dilemmas with my two children. We didn’t get very far and so I told them, as a joke, that I was thinking of calling it ‘Little Birds Flit About’. They laughed and told me not to be so ridiculous. I laughed along with them, and later on I decided to call it just that.


    I figured that a happy piece deserved a happy title! 




    It was quite difficult to write a piece of this nature for beginners who may not yet be up to playing fast notes so I put the fast notes in the piano part and mainly open string harmony in the violins and viola, making it an accessible piece for real beginners.


    There is a slightly trickier section in the middle, in the form of a round. It is a technically simple two bar tune played over and over, but each part starts at a different time. I thought it would give the players a challenge. A conductor could help in rehearsal to indicate to each player when they should start.


    This piece is a lesson in ‘keeping going’, in keeping up with the music, just as the little birds keeping up their incessant ‘flitting’ about and for that reason I wrote it so that it can be played with the recorded piano part, as the piano plays rhythmically all the time, with a good introduction to set the pace.


    Given that this piece is for real beginners, it would help to have a conductor or director.