A Duet for two violins and optional piano with an alternative viola part


Standard ; Easy


Running Time : 1 minute 10 secs  

  • What you will receive...

    Your download will contain the score and parts in PDF format, an audio file in MP3 format of a full performance of the piece, and a piano backing track to aid rehearsal and performance!

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  • About the Piece



    When I started to write this short easy piece for violin duet I had a vision of myself floating on my back in the sea. That’s something I love to do. I love to lie there and gaze up at the sky, being carried on the swell of the ocean. Very relaxing!
    Like ‘A Little Duet’, this piece came out of a desire to write more music that was incredibly simple, for those players that have only just started to play their instruments.




    It is for 2 violins and it has an optional piano part. The music can easily be played without the piano. It would work fine. Players would just start at bar 3. Of course with the piano it would be easier for the players to be in time and it would give the performance a good tonal centre. The piano part is very easy and there is a piano backing track that you get when you download the piece. The full performance has the piano in it. The piece also has an alternative viola part that replaces the 2nd violin part. This is a very short piece in G major and is very simple to play. That is why I included a repeat back to the beginning but of course the repeat doesn’t have to be done.
    The 2nd violin part is entirely made up of crotchets and semi-breves on the open D and G. The 1st part has stopped notes and lots of open strings also, in crotchets or semibreves on the A and D strings, in crotchets and minims.