A trio for 2 violins and cello with an alternative viola part 

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    The traditional hymns of the past had slow solemn tunes that echoed the gravity of the church services. This light and easy to play string trio recreates sounds that give us hints of that religious solemnity. When I was in my teens I sang in my father’s church choir. My father has played the church organ and conducted church choirs for over sixty years and I have strong memories of singing church hymns. Some of these hymns have fantastic tunes and I still enjoy singing them when I get the chance. This little piece is an homage to those tunes but with a lighter touch.




    The piece is in 4/4, in D major and it opens with the hymn-like melody in the 1st violin. Throughout the piece the 2nd violin part is pitched low and requires the player to play on the G string.

    The 1st violin only has to play on the A and D strings. The cello has an easy part technically but it is important, not just because it plays the bass line, but because it is a moving part, helping to establish the rhythm at the start. Also, it has the melody in the middle for 4 bars. This melody does go up onto the A string but is all in 1st position.

    I think this piece should be classed as easy but I think to create the right sound, and with the G string playing, it is probably on the more moderate side of easy,