A Duet for 2 Cellos


Standard: Easy


Running time: 1 min 15

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  • About the Piece



    A walk in the country. We are at the bottom of a grassy hill. It has been raining and the ground is muddy and slippery. As we ascend the hill the ground is drier and we feel lighter and sunnier.


    But not for long! Descending the hill we find ourselves once again stuck in the wet, muddy ground. A typical walk in the British countryside!




    This is a simple cello duet in C major. The second cello begins, setting the speed and the tone. It helps us imagine the heavy muddy ground at the bottom of the hill after a rain shower. As the music progresses it becomes lighter in tone and higher in pitch. The
    two cello parts weave around one another, their phrases intertwining. Both parts are as important as the other.


    There is a Dal Segno, taking us back to bar 3 and on to the Fine.