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Updated: Jan 18

Happy New Year to you all!

Here's a quick blog post to tell you about the changes that have happened, or that are going to happen on the site in the near future.

These changes concern the way in which I plan to produce and sell my music from now on.

NEW MUSIC FOR LARGER ENSEMBLES: I'm writing more pieces for larger string groups. I've already created five brand new pieces, and I plan to do more.

FULL PERFORMANCES: Sadly, I will no longer be able to create full performances of all the pieces myself. My work patterns have changed recently and I simple don't have the time to spend on the recordings in the way I did before. I've loved doing it but these recordings take hours and hours to create. It doesn't mean I won't do any of them. I'd love to keep on doing the recordings of smaller ensembles. But technology has evolved in my favour and I've added 'Noteperformer' (music playback software) to Sibelius and it's sounding pretty good. So I'll be using the Sibelius playback for the full audio, and for the excerpt video.

BACKING TRACKS: if a piece has a backing track with it, you will be able to get a backing track of the piano part alone. But you will also be able, for my latest pieces, to download a backing track of the piano, plus things like synths, percussion and rhythms etc... basically anything that I think may be fun and/or helpful to the ensemble.

CREATING PRINTED VERSIONS OF THE MUSIC: I'm in the process of creating hard copies of some of the pieces. I'm going to create selections of some of them that I think go together well. More details to follow in due course...   

So a few changes happening...I hope you find them useful. I'm always striving to make things better and more user friendly. Thanks!


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