An Ensemble piece for three Violins, Viola, Cello, Optional Double Bass/Cello 2 and Piano


Standard: Easy to Moderate


Running time: 1 Min 45


“...the sheer ‘blueness’ of the sky in contrast to the fluffy white
clouds that passed over it struck me then as something of great

  • What you will receive....

    Your download will contain the score and parts in PDF format and 2 audio files in MP3 format: one of a full live performance of the piece and one of just the piano part which can aid rehearsal and be used as a backing track for a performance.


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  • About the Piece



    One day last summer I was lying out on my lawn looking straight up into the blue sky, contemplating life as one does. I imagined the sky going up and away into the deep darkness beyond. The sheer ‘blueness’ of the sky in contrast to the fluffy white clouds that passed over it struck me then as something of great beauty.


    I felt calm and at peace, and I had a moment of great happiness. That moment inspired me to write this music.





    This piece, for string ensemble and piano should be played in a relaxed calm tempo, with no worry or hurry. It can be played by single string players or by an ensemble with more than one to a part.


    In fact I think the ensemble would be more ideal, to fill it out. The third violin part is technically very simple but has an important line to play between bars 27 and 34 so that player should be encouraged to play out in those bars.


    There is an optional violin 4 part which can be played in case there is no viola player. If there is a viola player, then this 4th violin part can be played alongside... the more the merrier!


    And in the same vein, there is an optional double bass and cello 2 part. These parts aren’t very technically interesting but would definitely add a sense of depth and fullness to the sound. The importance of bass notes should always be stressed to players who might complain about their music not being very interesting.


    All the parts that have been written for this piece can be played together however if you only have single violins but have all the bass parts, it may be a bit bottom heavy.


    White Clouds can be played with the recorded piano part, as the piano part keeps moving and helps to keep the beat.




    There aren’t many technical challenges in this piece. It is in D major, written in straight crotchets, quavers and minims. Some parts are easier than others and that is why I labelled it as being easy to moderate in difficulty.